Situated in Montreal, Quebec, I am an award winning and published bird photographer. I support conservation efforts in North America and donate the use of my photos to organizations and avian rehabilitation centers in order to promote the protection of various species and their environment across Canada and the United States.

My work has been regularly featured in Canadian Geographic, Canada’s premier publication by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.  Other accolades include being published in magazines and calendars internationally, plus many wins and honorable mentions in Canadian and international competitions, such as the Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Popular Photography Magazine and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, as well as participation in juried art fairs and exhibitions. I have also proudly participated as a key note speaker for non-profit groups discussing my photography work and the technical aspect behind it.

My ultimate goal in avian photography is to capture “intimate” portraits of birds with unique expressions that show their intelligence and hopefully an intensity that captures your attention. ​ This is why I try to study an individual over the course of at least a couple of months, as it is necessary to properly understand a creature’s traits, mannerisms and character.

Each bird, like a human, is an individual, and once I apply a little field craft, I am usually permitted to get the shots I want. This can easily take months and many return visits but patience, persistence and perseverance are key to successful bird photography. ​

This long term process helps me to choose how best to present an individual species in my work, hoping that in turn it brings a much clearer appreciation for the environment we share.




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